Picture Download

How to download photos using the link provided by email.

When your photo order is ready, you will receive an email with an executable link (ending in .exe) and a zipped link (ending in .zip).


The pictures can be downloaded to your computer from:

  • For PC:   http://www.depictitstudio.com/agent-downloads/DiS-101YourPropertyAddress.exe
  • For Mac:   http://www.depictitstudio.com/agent-downloads/DiS-101YourPropertyAddress.zip

Click on the link to download your pictures.  PC users use the PC link.  MAC users use the MAC link.

Here is what you’ll see if you click an executable link and use Internet Explorer.  Other browsers may have different steps.  The steps will be similar.

1. Click on the link provided in the email message.

A message box will appear stating:
“Do you want to run or save this file?”

2. Click: Run.

You will see another message box:

“The publisher could not be verified.
Are you sure you want to run this software?”


“DiS-101YourPropertyAddress.exe is not commonly downloaded
and could harm your computer.”

3. Click: “Run” or  “Action – and then – Run Anyway”.

Another message box will appear titled:
“Win Zip Self-Extractor – DiS-101YourPropertyAddress.exe”

It will also state: “Unzip to folder” and contain destination of where the photos will be unzipped and copied to.

4. Click: “Unzip”.

Another message box will appear stating:“# file(s) unzipped succesful”.

5. Click: “Ok”

6. Click “Close”

7. Your images will now be located on your computer’s main drive (usually the C drive).

Look for the file folder that starts with the prefix:
“DiS-…” (Example: C:\DiS-101YourPropertyAddress)

8. The link will remain active for 1 month.


Thank you for using Depict It Studio.